The story of how we collected 1M REPS

Calibrex was started by two data-driven guys with the same mission.
Our story starts 3.5 years ago... Strap in.

September 2018
Philip sketched the first Calibrex device during a math lecture.

The initial concept was:
A pair of devices that can be attached onto both ends of any barbel to detect imbalances in real-time. When the barbell is uneven, the user is notified via sound. Wearing headphones will sound audio on the corresponding side that needs adjustment.



A device that helps athletes train smarter.



November 2018
Philip started looking around for engineers and caught wind of Nick's success in building over a dozen hardware products from the ground up. Philip slid in Nicks DMs asking for help – Nick politely accepted.
April 2019
After a few iterations, Nick builds the first Calibrex Alpha device. Using this first device we were able to start asking coaches and athletes for feedback.

A portable device that has a strong magnet to attach onto any barbel and utilizes sonar tech (a sensor that uses sound waves to measure distance) to measure the distance between the barbell and the ground in real-time with high precision.

“Being able to track your metrics when training particularly with foundational barbell movements is potentially an invaluable tool that previously has only been available in high-tech physiology labs.
Additionally, having the option to have immediate feedback about asymmetrical lifting patterns and bar tilt will literally be a game-changer not only for the athletes but also for the coaches.”

Dr. Joel seedman, phd kinesiology, founder of ahp
Nov 2019
The team built the very first version of the App to validate and diagnose data from the v1 hardware.
Aug 2020

The first finalized design of Calibrex 1.0
March 2021
We produced our first photoshoot to capture Calibrex 1.0 in action.
July 2021
🚀 Calibrex app launches
Alex publishes the first build of the Calibrex App on TestFlightTM

This would allow us to easily share the app with new users and collect feedback efficiently.

September 2021
We got to work testing both the Calibrex 1.0 hardware and app with high performance coaches around the country.

We had to be smart when selecting the first beta testers as feedback was crucial to improve both our hardware and algorithms at the time.

October 2021
In order to quickly iterate and improve Calibrex 1.0, Nick helped set up an in-house manufacturing station in Philip's NYC apartment. It's looking real good.

Using 3D printers, we are able to quickly alter parts based on user feedback and in-house testing. For example, deadlifting over 600lbs was somewhat of a challenge for our first plastic configuration and magnet size.

December 2021
After building dozens of units and iterating designs over 2 months, we felt confident enough to launch a public beta.

We knew that having users pay for the experience would accelerate higher quality data and feedback collection. A friend or family member will usually try to protect your feelings.

In the meantime, we focused on handpicking pro coaches and were listening very closely to their feedback and needs.

Utility Patent Granted ✅
US 11.135.477

February 2022
Just two months in, we set up a feature request list (a part of the beta member benefits), as users started asking for new features.

Hosted on our website, the feature request list was and is a great way to give users a voice, keep them engaged and give them a behind the scenes view of what's in the works.

Check it out here
July 2022
Optimized the workshop to quickly implement improvements based on customer requests and feedback. Started to fulfill growing demand of our hand-built paid beta prototypes.

Using 3D printers, we were able to quickly change plastic dimensions, thickness etc. based on customer feature requests and suggestions, as well as internal stress testing and debugging.

October 2022
Reached 1M Reps 🔥
November 2022
Notable Partners
December 2022
Calibrex 2 Launch Photoshoot 📸

Our best photoshoot yet! What an amazing day.
The entire team was able to combine all spirit in one room.

February 2023
🚀 Calibrex 2 Early access vip launches
Calibrex 1 users have the right to be the first to train with Calibrex 2 – over 62% of existing users chose to opt in.
March 2023
Fulfilling early access presale orders:
August 2023
Calibrex launches science proven, professionally curated workouts for all fitness levels.
October 2023
🚀 Calibrex 2 exlusive beta launches
Calibrex will onboard 277 exclusive beta users. Perks:

- Lifetime VIP Status.
- Private Discord Access. Chat with team and suggest new features.
- Free upgrade to new hardware.
If you haven't yet you GET YOURS here
Founder's Note
More than your usual rep logging app.

As a community of high performers, both our early members and the Calibrex team are dedicated to democratizing cutting-edge technology that was once only accessible to professional athletes and sports teams with unlimited budgets.By providing access to essential performance metrics, we aim to help athletes of all levels assess and optimize their training, empowering them to make better informed training decisions.Our top priority when designing and improving the Calibrex systems is to support athletes in their pursuit of progress.

Philip K & Nick J
Founders | Calibrex